Beard Oil Benefits

Castor oil - It is a healing and restorative oil that contains just the right blend of ingredients that allow it to condition your hair, infuse moisture, increase hair flexibility and shine while keeping unwanted frizz and tangles at bay. Tame your mane and say goodbye to the facial tumbleweed and hello to smooth, stroke-worthy facial hair that’s as radical as a skateboarding unicorn!

Jojoba oil - Applying jojoba oil to your beard adds lubrication that makes your beard less dry and brittle. This means hairs are less likely to break and develop split ends further down the line. This will result in a fuller, thicker beard as there is less splitting and breakage. Get ready to rock a beard that’s softer than a kitten’s belly and tougher than a mountain goat. 

MCT oil - MCT oil not only works to soften and naturally moisturize your wavy whiskers but it will also help to soothe any itchiness underneath the angry beard and fight off any signs of dreaded beard dandruff. No more beard dandruff or flaky skin - just radical hydration that’ll have you feeling like you just emerged from a luxurious beard spa.

Agave oil - Agave oil makes the beard hair visibly stronger, shinier and healthier due to the re-application of the natural extracts of agave. It conditions, repairs, protects, and softens both your hair and your face and you will be left with a luxurious shine and feel. You will really notice the benefits for the facial skin underneath your beard leaving it moisturized and rejuvenated while at the same time leaving your beard hair feeling soft and looking its best. It is so good for your skin, it’ll have you feeling as fresh and smooth as a freshly waxed surfboard. Radical right?

Apricot Seed Oil - Apricot oil contains Vitamin A, C, & E which have properties to promote hair growth and also help maintain the skin’s moisture balance and keep hair soft. It will leave your beard hair soft and shiny and it also nourishes the hair roots keeping both your skin and beard well moisturized. Apricot oil can also help to soothe the skin underneath the beard if you are prone to dryness or redness in the biome under your beard like I am. As it minimizes dryness, it also stimulates hair growth and strength. It’s packed with so much manly goodness, it’ll have you feeling as confident as a superhero with an epic beard. Let it grow baby let it grow!